About me


  Hello everyone. My name is Mili Raj.

I typically work with my clients to achieve success in getting/increasing their high paid client base through promotion of their ideas and passions, in a way that creates impact through custom-made high quality Graphic Design and illustrations. Currently my clients are:

· UNDP (United Nations Development Program)- both national and international segments

· Publishing Houses

· Education Segment

· Various Government Bodies

· Packaging Segments

· Illustration and artistic Segment

In the market place I notice that so many good ideas do not take-off, or doesn’t provide the required impact, causing loss of initiatives and money because of poor graphics. The lack of professional approach from the designers creates huge hurdles for the clients. Time, Money and Effective Results- all are lost.

How smooth the sales promotions would be; how efficient their entire process of product/services promotion and growth would be, if it is well supported by quality graphics delivered ON TIME?

Result: I achieve effective results through 5 pillars:

1. Pillar 1: Discovery Pillar

· Placing myself into my clients’ shoes to better understand their expectations, their values and future vision of their work.

· Realizing their dream and potential

2. Pillar 2: Reflection Pillar

· Connecting with the key words that are shared by my clients’, and reflecting them back to find the right alignment with what my clients’ are saying.

· This creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding, which creates a strong base to build on 

3. Pillar 3: Communication Pillar

· Communicating complex ideas with simplicity thought graphic arts.

· Maintaining transparency with my clients

· Meeting all deadlines with precision.

4. Pillar 4: Growth Pillar

· Creating Graphics that have space for evolution and that can be customized for the various clients that my main client caters to, both nationally and internationally.

· Creating Graphics that can be used in a variety of ways, as my client wishes.

5. Pillar 5: Confidentiality Pillar

· Protecting and respecting the confidentiality aspect in its true sense of my clients’ projects.

Through these five pillars, I deliver high quality result that adds value to the businesses and services within one day or one week to three weeks time or on a longer-term contract, depending on the demands of the projects.

In my work what I mean is your success!

Thank you so much for your attention.