international & National reviews


UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in India and US- 2016 & Continuing

"Mili is an amazing person to work with. she understands our needs and her designs are both elegant and sophisticated. Her designs are also liked by the many Ministries we work with. She is very particular about deadlines even when we have an SOS project, she designs it within a day. It is always a pleasure to work with her."

- Anusha Sharma (Project Associate)

GE & APAF Top Performer Award 2005

"In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution and Creativity.
Passion for Excellence in Service is hereby presented to Mili Raj"

-Balki G. Lyer (Co-Chair), Tri State APAF

-Sharan Khanuji- Dhall (Co-Chair), Tri State APAF

Les Ateliers du Devenir Humain- in France- 2011

"During the creation of our group logo, I was able to appreciate the variety of proposals which were made by Mili, both in terms of graphic design and typography. All the comments we made were taken into account with subtlety and she made new proposals regularly. Her understanding of what mattered to each one of us was highly appreciated within our team and it helped us all to finalize our decision. Thank you Mili for your enormous creativity which served our organization and helped us to reconcile six different opinions."

- Saleeem Ebrahim (Team member)

-Caroline Lamy (Team member)

Bay NVC- Personal and Social Transformation through Nonviolent Communication- USA- 2013 & Continuing

  • "I find her to be remarkably talented not only as a visual artist, but also as a communicator. In particular, she has been very clear in her requests, which has helped me focus the project and understand what she needs from us so that she can deliver her work in a timely manner.
  • She is true to word: She meets the deadline we set together and produce options so that we have choice about which illustrations and logo style we want.
  • She received feedback with grace. Though we have loved many aspects of her design work, we did want some changes, and she received those requests with zero defensiveness or confusion. She reflected back to me the changes I was seeking, which gave me assurance that she understood what we were wanting, and was quick to agree to next steps."

-Lynda Smith (Collaborative Trainer) Bay NVC

CD Packaging and coordination work- France- 2013

  • "I have found Mili to be incredibly talented and creative in 'out-of-the-box' thinking, amazing clear with a fine awareness of how a decision can impact a situation, both in the short and long term.
  • Mili has a keen sense of relationships and how to bring active listening, care and concern on a human level.
  • She has amazing organizational skills, a keen sense of logistics, an eye for detail when everyone's well-being is concerned.
  • In all these contexts, her calmness and centeredness impressed all those who encountered her.
  • I've known Mili to be highly motivated as a person whenever she has a passion for something and when she connects to a vision or a purpose.
  • Her ability to work independently is one of her finest assets. "

-Saleem Ebrahim (Corporate Trainer and Consultant)- France

more reviews- In design & communication workshops

KanKreate- Logo Design- India- 2013

"Mili designed our logo. She explained the thinking behind the creativity which truely captured the variety of work we do.

Her designs were creative and effective. And we recommend her as a Graphic Designer."

- Kalpana Rajgharhia (Owner)- India

'Speaking Peace'- Book Cover design- India- 2013

"Mili brought an artistic sense and sensitivity when she collaborated with us on the cover design for the book about non-violent that Dilip Soni translated from English to Gujarati. It was an important that the book cover:

  • be attractive;
  • be culturally appealing to an Indian audience;
  • communicate something of the nature of the book;

With great patience, she listened to us, sorted through our input, and translated it all into a customized cover design. Mili was committed to deadlines and keeping appointment times, which was a huge relief to us since we were working against time constrains with the publisher.

There is a saying "You can't judge a book by its over". In this case, however, you can. Mili has given the cover a voice of its own..." 

- Dilip Soni, Ph. D. 

& M. Beth Lewis, MBA, CPA

Soaring Spirit- Logo Design- India- 2013

"Wefound her to be deeply intuitive about what work as a design element and which colors would best complement the content. It was important for s that the integrity of the spiritual essence and depth of our work be represented and held by the simplisity of the design."  

- Gurpreet Singh (Proprietor)

AIKIDO New Delhi- Logo Design- India- 2007

"We are grateful to you for redesigning our dojo logo and of the AIKIDO Foundation. We will use them at the 'International AIKIDO Event' in Delhi."
- Sensei Paritos Kar (Dojo Head)

SKY- The World Community Center- Posters & CD Covers- Worldwide- 2007

"Thank you for designing the posters and the CD covers. It will be a huge help to us when we do our workshops around the US."
- Rajasekar (Asst. Manager)

Circle- Logo Design- India- 2006

"We are pleased to recommend Mili Raj for your design requirment. She has been associated with us since 2003, with our other two brands- Panache®, Aerofit®, creating most of the promotional materials for special offers.

We admire her work ethics and appreciate her skills and attention to detail."

- Pratik N. Rajgharhia (Director)

SKY- The World Community Center- Worldwide- 2007

"Thank you for designing the posters and the CD covers. It will be a huge help to us when we do our workshops around the US." 

- Rajasekar (Asst. Manager)

TALASH- Society for Inner Strength, Peace & Equality- Communication Facilitation- India- 2013

"Mili facilitates workshops on 'Compassion Communication' based workshops for our young girls who have gone through great struggles and trauma.
She has also facilitated deeper processes for the Talash team to explore ways of dealing with conflicts  within the team.
I found her to be able to deliver concepts and ideas in a way that really made it exciting for the group. She used methodologies appropriate to the background and age group of participants. Her facilitation skills were excellent to engage participants into deeper inner processes. 

- Ayesha Sinha (Secetary and
project Director)

Fr. Agnel School- Greater Noida- Communication Facilitation- India- 2013

"I have known Mili for three years now. She has been facilitating workshops, 'Connection Based Education- creating a nurturing learning environment',  for our teachers, since the School started three years ago. She also took up practice groups and separate workshops for our care- givers (Mothers) at our Hostel for children coming from poor, traumatic and violent backgrounds. She plans to introduce a new workshop specially made for parents called- 'Co-creative Parenting- creating a mutually nurturing relationship with your children'. I'm sure she will have a lot to contribute to your organization. 

- Fr. Bento Rodrigues (Director)

SFDC (Solidarity For Developing Communities)- Communication Facilitation- India- 2013

"Her ability to conceptualize with a futuristic approach, put the contect and process into an implementable framework, and make it operational is of very high quality. She is an empathetic person, can establish bond with everyone within a very short time and is very open hearted. She gives herself completely for whatever task she undertakes. Her ability to look within and work matching the head and heart is commendable."

- Bijiayananda Singh (Executive Director, Secretory)